Monday, June 4, 2007

Progress not Perfection!

Katie called me frustrated that she had missed a meal today.... This is where RTD shakes and bars come in handy. She is a Firefighter/EMT and when they get a call ..they have to go. I don't think she should be so hard on herself...she really couldn't do anything about this situation. But I do know how she is feeling. You want to do the challenge by the book to a T with no errors.

I truly think that encouraging this group is going to help me be kinder to myself.

Take it day by day..give it 100%, but don't beat yourself if your day doesn't go exactly how you have planned. Document everything and move onto the next day.

This is a 12-week challenge, BUT it is Body for LIFE.

Keep going strong everyone.


C2 said...

Tracy you are more than their coach, you are such a amazing friend who listens and truly wants to see all of them achieve their goals and you do it with such grace and a caring heart. You ROCK woman! Love you!

~ Elizabeth

Lori said...

At first you do worry about those things. But life does get in teh way. I have a job like that too, I can't control it all the time but I get it done and that's what matters.