Friday, June 8, 2007

Lovin Life n Gettin Fit.

My sister came over to see me wednesday and I was able to do a lower body workout with her. I LOVE this...haha

She was telling me she couldn't do the lunges and I kept telling her YES YOU CAN! She did them and boy oh boy was she hurting at the end of our workout.

I am having so much fun keeping everyone on track, encouraging them. I need to open a training studio. I REALLY DO. It makes me feel ALIVE and I know it's my passion. So why am I afraid??

I did contact Body for LIFE Champion Thomas Phillips. He told me if I ever wanted to open a studio that he would give me tips on buying the most effective equipment at the best prices. SO that is a first step. :)

I got a weekend job yesterday. I will be giving out DOVE samples at Costco. I have been wanting something, but with the price of gas I was not too excited about looking. Coeur d'Alene is 35 min from my house. But I think this job will pay me enough to make it well worth it. I worked a sample booth at Walmart for EAS a few years back and I had the best time.

Thank you Maria for the tip. :) This company is looking for woman all over to work different jobs like this if you are interested in some extra cash let me know and I'll forward the list to ya. ;)

My daughter was heartbroken yesterday. When I picked her up from school she was in tears..I looked at the teacher to ask what was wrong and she was in tears. I guess Karli told her she didn't want school to be out...that she was going to miss her. It broke my heart.

On the flip side my son Austin was jumping up and down the hall yelling...School's out for the SUMMER! LOL

Tom has the day off we are off to do something fun. The sun is shining in Idaho and I LOVE IT.

Have a GREAT day everyone.


Trojan said...

Hey Girl...

Promo work is such a fab way to make extra $$. I do some here in TX too....

Good luck in all your endeavors.

C2 said...

Tracy ~

You would do well with your own studio. You are so patient and kind and so generous with your time. I say go LIVE YOUR DREAMS DOLL! :-)

Enjoy your sun-filled day!


B said...


I found your blog through Laurie's
I love it- I need motivation! you look great and I look forward to following your blog

Have a great weekend:)