Sunday, June 10, 2007

80 years young!

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I love my grandparents. They inspire me in so much.

Here my gramps is taking my grams over to my cousins graduation party in the you can see he is looking down at her bottle of 'beer' (rootbeer that is)...... He seriously thought after 60 years of marriage she was having a beer for the first time. LOL

My Grandma walks on the treadmill 45 min - 6 days a week and her house is always spotless in spite of all the company they get daily.

My Grandpa still hunts for big game, grows a big garden and stays active in many ways.

We don't have to grow old people....Michelle Lee sent me the coolest magnet that reads.....

"Growing Old is NOT for SISSIES"

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C2 said...

Tracy ~~

Grandparents are the best. You are extremely lucky to still have yours around. Thanks for sharing!