Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Blogging Blues...

So I haven't really felt like blogging in awhile. I am trying REALLY hard to put my family, home, workouts first and then give myself a little computer time. :)

Hubby bought me a new bike. I am LOVIN it. My legs were on fire yesterday and it felt sooo good. Pulling my daughter behind me going up hills is very hard, but I think it is really going to help with the intensity of my biking.

I will post some pics of the Idaho trails. It is so beautiful here. I'm waiting for some Body for LIFE buds to come visit me so I can take 'you' floating the river and biking. :)

I talked to Maria yesterday and she is taking care of her dad. She has the BIGGEST heart..I love that girl. We are moving full force ahead with our competition plans. We both reminded each other that we will take one day at a time with "NO PRESSURE".

My sister has an email address now...thanks to Troy (zooman) giving her a computer. Isn't that AMAZING! If you have a minute drop her a word of encouragement. I would truly appreciate it.

I wish we ALL lived by each other. Can you imagine if we all lived on Wisteria (sp) Lane like the Desperate housewives? Oh my would be one big fitness arena. That would be AWESOME!

I'm off to bike ride and play golf with my hubby. Hope you all have a WONDERFUL, Blessed day.



Laurie said...

I just got a bike seat for my 2 year old and have been loving it, Isn't it just a great fun workout? I would love to live right next door to a bunch of workout partners, that would be heaven!

Tracy said...

ah..that would be awesome Laurie. Maybe some day you can visit me. :)

We would have so much fun!